Inspire, Create, Trade,
Explore & Innovate

Slavik Fruit Farm

A Loving Cronos Project Focused on Positivity & Sustainability


July - June Beta launch

Complete quests, Claim land, Create shops & Trade

Aug - Dec Meta launch

SlavikVerse 1.0 w/ Collab Builds & Minigames

2023 SlavikVerse Launch

SlavikVerse P2E Expansion (FROKEN)

Farmers, Voxels & Crowns

Each unique Fruit Farmer is a membership pass into the SlavikVerse Ecosystem. For each NFT held in a wallet you'll be passively "Farming" the FRODEX Governance Token (Froken)

Voxel NFTs are your Metaverse Avatar for MOST metaverse platforms. For every 3 farmers held in a wallet, a 3D NFT will be airdropped after Mint is complete

Crown NFTs receive 5x the FROKENS as a Fruit Farmer. Qualify for airdrop by matching 3 Fruit Heads in a wallet prior to the FRODEX launch

Our Mission

Create a Loving, Sustainable & Open ecosystem for every being is our top priority.
May we heal the world, inspire the Metaverse and awaken them all.

Phase 1

Beta Launch

Phase 2

Mint Completion

Phase 3

SlavikVerse Launch

"Inspire the World,
Create the future"

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